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my approach...

I have been in graphic design for a significant amount of time. I have seen many different industries, watched trends change and fade, it's all fascinating. Some things don't change, like first impressions. No matter how tolerant our society decides it is, people are people. We make observations and decisions based on personal experience, no marketing is going to get that information.


So, you had better make a good first impression. I enjoy working with clients 
to get to the final product. Client input, revisions, image hunting - it's all vital. 
I am not the magic wand of first impression making, it's a combination of me AND my client.

20+ years of integrated design experience delivering on client goals.
Whether freelancing or part of an in-house team, I have a wealth of experience in delivering consistent design solutions. I’m a quick learner and adapt to
input with an easygoing manner. A brand’s journey lives in design.

Aside from design I...

• Like to laugh

• Am somewhat shy

• Enjoy metal, rap and lots in between

• Have 4 kids, on purpose

• Have 4 cats, not on purpose

• Like problem solving

• Am a night owl

• Like to draw when I can

• Prefer local coffee shops

• Enjoy high quality doughnuts

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