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my approach...

I have been in graphic design for a significant amount of time. I have seen many different industries, watched trends change and fade, it's all fascinating. Some things don't change, like first impressions. No matter how tolerant
our society decides it is, people are people. We make observations 
and decisions based on personal experience, no marketing
is going to get that information.


So, you had better make a good first impression. 
I enjoy working with clients to get to the final
product. Client input, revisions, image hunting -
it's all vital. I am not the magic wand of
first impression making, it's a combination
of me AND my client.

More to come, but we tend not to read
anymore, right? So you may not have even
read this page. See what I mean about
first impressions?
You have hardly any time
these days to make them, it better be good.